Teamed up with the mighty Bison Beer chaps again, this time with Clearleft and Buff Motion to launch the 'Bison Growler Club'.  Clearleft created all the digital side of things, whilst I provided a bunch of characters and illustrations. Then the fab Buff Motion swung into action and created some cracking animation teasers! Check it out
Animation by Buff Motion
Bison Growler Club - Website header.
Background pattern.
Pachow! mini prints
A5 3 colour prints
Vodafone Comedy Fest 2012
Comedy illustrations 2012
Star Wars Tribute Screenprint
Metallic silver, hand-pulled print
The Cartoon ABC
The Cartoon ABC
Colgate - Two minute tales
Illustrations for Colgate's 'Two minute tales' written by Claire Freedman.
Music Poster
Anorak Magazine
"A menu fit for a King" board game illustrations for Anorak Mag
Illustrations 2
Personal Work
Buff Motion - Studio Wall
Brightening up the walls down at Buff's Studio.
Character Work
Fun character designs, cool dudes, tropical, karaoke, travellers, instagramers and vikings.
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