Buff Motion - Studio Wall

The lovely folk at Buff Motion in Brighton invited me to brighten up their walls with some art.
Armed with 3 tins of paint and a lovely 'go for it!' open brief, I got to work! The wall now features a 'cheese mountain' and a man with a treasure island on his head. Oh and they now have a well behaved studio cat. www.buffmotion.com
Pachow! mini prints
A5 3 colour prints
Space Crew
New character design space team
Google Chromecast - Own the ice
Character design, for Google Chromecast's 'Own the Ice' Campaign
Collaboration with photographer Ewen Spencer for Miniclick.
BLISTERS - The Directors Cut
Print Club London screen-print
Colgate - Two minute tales
Illustrations for Colgate's 'Two minute tales' written by Claire Freedman.
Gig Posters
Personal work - live music
Canterbury Children's Festival
Fun Festival illustration
Anorak Magazine
"A menu fit for a King" board game illustrations for Anorak Mag
Google Ads App - Comic Book Illustration
Comic book illustration
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