Following on from my last screen prints for the Pick Me Up show, I was asked to produce a city image.
Thought I'd carry on with the box car style and create this little crazy world.
Viva Magazine
Jan 2016 cover artwork
Colgate - Two minute tales
Illustrations for Colgate's 'Two minute tales' written by Claire Freedman.
Character Work
Fun character designs, cool dudes, tropical, karaoke, travellers, instagramers and vikings.
Portfolio development
Google Chromecast - Own the ice
Character design, for Google Chromecast's 'Own the Ice' Campaign
Illustrations 2
Personal Work
Character design development.
Bison Growler Club
Bison Growler Club illustrations
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Fringe Poster
Mini Fringe show poster
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