I was approached by the team at Red Fuse Communications to produce a series of illustrations for Colgate's recent campaign. 
I created 40 illustrations to accompany short stories written by the author of 'Aliens Love Underpants', Claire Freedman. 
These stories aimed to make brushing time a fun and enjoyable bonding experience for parents and kids.

I had a great variety of characters to create, from tiny ducklings to award winning lions and superhero toothbrushes! Needless to say I throughly enjoyed illustrating these stories.

Click here to discover Colgate Two Minute Tales colgatetwominutetales
bEast Street Sessions
Live art with Bison Beer.
Vodafone Comedy Fest 2012
Comedy illustrations 2012
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Portfolio development
Buff Motion - Studio Wall
Brightening up the walls down at Buff's Studio.
Tap takeover with Bison Beer and Beavertown Brewery.
Star Wars Tribute Screenprint
Metallic silver, hand-pulled print
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1
LinkedIn offices London. Large scale wall art.
Google Chromecast - Own the ice
Character design, for Google Chromecast's 'Own the Ice' Campaign
BLISTERS - The Directors Cut
Print Club London screen-print
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