Gorrid the Horrid

Gorrid the Horrid is a children's book written by Al Start, illustrated by myself. Gorrid the Horrid started life out as a children's song, but proved so popular at the kid's shows, that we got together and make it into a real life book. Gorrid and the other scary characters in the book have since gone on to have a whole kids show just for them... Gorrid the Horrid and the missing ingredient.
BLISTERS - The Directors Cut
Print Club London screen-print
Neon, 3 colour, hand pulled, screen print
Character Design
New portfolio of work for Ticktockrobot Studio.
Anorak Magazine
"A menu fit for a King" board game illustrations for Anorak Mag
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1
LinkedIn offices London. Large scale wall art.
Character design development.
Music Poster
bEast Street Sessions
Live art with Bison Beer.
Vodafone Comedy Fest 2012
Comedy illustrations 2012
Vodafone Comedy Festival 2016
Illustrations for this years festival
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