I've just produced an illustration promo to send out as a little 'hello' , hopefully it might just catch someone's eye. It folds up neatly into an A6 with the address & stamp on the far edge. It morphed neatly into this years Christmas card too available in Brighton at Unlimited.
illustration promo
Promo - detail
Promo - detail
Christmas card
Character design development.
Gig Posters
Personal work - live music
Viva Magazine
Jan 2016 cover artwork
Monster City
Buff Motion - Studio Wall
Brightening up the walls down at Buff's Studio.
Character Work
Fun character designs, cool dudes, tropical, karaoke, travellers, instagramers and vikings.
The Marlborough Pub
Bar re-branding.
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Screen printing - Movie Cars
LImited Edition Hand Pulled 3 colour screen print
Collaboration with photographer Ewen Spencer for Miniclick.
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