LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1

I was approached by the design team at Denton Associates to create some lively wall art for the re-fit of the LinkedIn offices in London. I produced a number of large scale pieces across the canteen and dining area.
Dining Area - TV station.
Close up's of the TV station.
Image © Denton Associates
Kitchen cupboard artwork.
Cupboard Doors
Close up's of kitchen walls.
Corrigated Wall - Area near table tennis.
Fridge artwork.
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 2
The second visit to the LinkedIn offices in London.
Tap takeover with Bison Beer and Beavertown Brewery.
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Pachow! mini prints
A5 3 colour prints
Canterbury Children's Festival
Fun Festival illustration
Character Design
New portfolio of work for Ticktockrobot Studio.
Google Ads App - Comic Book Illustration
Comic book illustration
Illustrations 2
Personal Work
Unlimited Window Display
Unlimited window display
Viva Magazine
Jan 2016 cover artwork
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