The design team at Denton Associates asked me back to the LinkedIn offices in London to do some more wall art.
This time I had a 12meter long wall as a blank canvas and 3 columns. I created a London street scene along the main wall, and people waiting at a bus stop on the columns.
Bus stop characters along the columns.
Poodle, also waiting patiently at the bus stop.
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier fine art print, produced for my Brighton open house collection 2012.
Source Mag
Opera illustration for Source Mag
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1
LinkedIn offices London. Large scale wall art.
Buff Motion - Studio Wall
Brightening up the walls down at Buff's Studio.
The Marlborough Pub
Bar re-branding.
Monster City
Screen printing - Movie Cars
LImited Edition Hand Pulled 3 colour screen print
Canterbury Children's Festival
Fun Festival illustration
Character Work
Fun character designs, cool dudes, tropical, karaoke, travellers, instagramers and vikings.
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