LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 2

The design team at Denton Associates asked me back to the LinkedIn offices in London to do some more wall art.
This time I had a 12meter long wall as a blank canvas and 3 columns. I created a London street scene along the main wall, and people waiting at a bus stop on the columns.
Bus stop characters along the columns.
Poodle, also waiting patiently at the bus stop.
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1
LinkedIn offices London. Large scale wall art.
Gig Posters
Personal work - live music
Illustrations 2
Personal Work
Viva Magazine
Jan 2016 cover artwork
Make time to Play - Character Design
Character Design work, commissioned by Bluw Zoo Animation
Monster City
Bison Growler Club
Bison Growler Club illustrations
Thunder Kitty - Pick Me Up 2014
"Thunder Kitty" 4 colour screen print for Pick Me Up - London 2014
Gorrid the Horrid
Children's Book illustration. Written by Al Start.
Neon, 3 colour, hand pulled, screen print
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