Make time to Play - Character Design

I was approached by Bluw Zoo Animations in London to work with them on a project called "Make time to play" for the Banardos charity. I illustrated the characters and the background elements. The website and animation can be viewed here.
Unlimited Window Display
Unlimited window display
bEast Street Sessions
Live art with Bison Beer.
Music Poster
Google Chromecast - Own the ice
Character design, for Google Chromecast's 'Own the Ice' Campaign
illustration promo
Bison Growler Club
Bison Growler Club illustrations
Canterbury Children's Festival
Fun Festival illustration
LinkedIn Wall Art - Part 1
LinkedIn offices London. Large scale wall art.
Colgate - Two minute tales
Illustrations for Colgate's 'Two minute tales' written by Claire Freedman.
Illustrations 2
Personal Work
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