Vodafone Comedy Fest 2012

I was really happy to be approached by Grey to do this years Vodafone Comedy Festival illustrations again. This years additions... a 'doctor, doctor' and a 'heckling hedge'. www.vodafonecomedy
Screen printing - Movie Cars
LImited Edition Hand Pulled 3 colour screen print
Thunder Kitty - Pick Me Up 2014
"Thunder Kitty" 4 colour screen print for Pick Me Up - London 2014
Space Crew
New character design space team
Star Wars Tribute Screenprint
Metallic silver, hand-pulled print
Monster City
Buff Motion - Studio Wall
Brightening up the walls down at Buff's Studio.
Vodafone Comedy Festival 2016
Illustrations for this years festival
Tap takeover with Bison Beer and Beavertown Brewery.
Character Design
New portfolio of work for Ticktockrobot Studio.
Vodafone Comedy Festival 2011
2011 Vodafone Comedy Festival
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