A while ago I Collaborated on a fun campaign with the team at Bliink.tv in Brighton who were producing a series of animations for Allstate insurance, via 72 and Sunny.
I developed a set of 5 household items that would be brought to life, each with their own unique personalities. Working closely with Bliink I created the characters, background visuals, storyboards and keyframes for animations. The animations are a series cautionary tales about a squad of uninsured stuff that can’t protect itself. The short series follow our intrepid characters in their daily lives at their apartment only to see how quickly disaster can strike! With vomiting dishwashers, firework disasters, and fire extinguisher chaos, these animations have been great fun to develop.
This launched in the USA as part of Allstate’s most recent campaign. Running on multiple social media outputs including Instagram and Facebook. ​​​​​​​
Your stuff can't protect itself, but you can. Get Allstate Renters Insurance. 
See the campaign live here: allstate.com
Character development style sheets
Initial Storyboards
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