Safe to say I had the most amount of fun collaborating with on this Super Future Females project. 

"It’s been a strange year, but being able to get out in the fresh air and smash out some hills has been a real lifesaver for me.
So… For the powerful peddlers and those creative, energetic ‘I’ll get out of bed at 5am’ kinda cyclists, I wanted to create a design that’s bright, bold and packs a punch, just like we can on our rides. I love seeing a surge in the number of women cycling, and whilst in many ways there’s been real progress, there’s still plenty of awareness needing to be raised. I might not change the world with a sweater, but I’ll get behind anything that celebrates the strength and determination of female riders.” 

Just like with the Super Future Females tees, for each sweater sold, 5 euro will be donated to The Cyclists’ Alliance where the money will be used to support pro and upcoming riders.

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